I am so appreciative of all the recognition and acknowledgement you have given to Pure Pizza and to me these past few weeks. As a business owner, I never would want my customers to feel uncomfortable in any situation and I feel as though providing a family bathroom gives all customers a chance to feel at home, and not discriminated against. As the sign posted in the bathroom reads, Pure Pizza welcomes single dads with daughters, single moms with sons, parents of disabled children, adults with aging parents, and those in the LGBTQ community. Many of my employees are single parents, one of which is a single dad of a daughter, and one a single mom of a son. I also have friends in the transgender community, and a friend with a Dad who has dementia.

Since the note was first posted by one of my customers on the Plaza Midwood community Facebook page, USA Today, ABC World News, Business Insider, and countless LGBTQ communities have posted about it. I have received praise from locals and patrons all over the nation who have since been told about it. People have reached out to me from around the world and are saying that they now feel accepted and as if they are able to be a part, which is such an amazing feeling for me.
Check out the articles posted by USA Today, ABC World News, and Business Insider here:




This sign touches on ageism, homophobia, individuals with disabilities and those who feel first hand discrimination, and that is why it resonated with me and the public on so many levels. I saw a need for this movement and it opened up my eyes to provide for them. I can only hope that this step towards equality and acceptance within all communities will open the eyes of other business owners and they will follow in my steps. I feel so blessed to have such tremendous support from my public.

In February, the city of Charlotte will vote on a package of LGBT inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances that, if passes, passes it would prohibit business from denying people based on their sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. The city’s community relations committee and Community Building Initiative will co-host a public forum Feb. 1 to educate residents on the ordinance. The event starts at 6pm in the Palmer Building on East Seventh Street. Our community was very small-minded when it decided to breakdown this very inclusionary ordinance to just who is using the restroom next to me and what sex they are. This is such a bigger human rights issue than just who’s in the stall next to you. I plan to attend the vote event and will speak about the matter, and I hope that you will join me in support.

See The Charlotte Observer’s article on the upcoming vote event here:


When I first recognized the need and made the move towards the change, I soon realized that I wanted to use my voice to make a difference, and I hope that’s what I will continue to do. After all, it is not about making a statement or trying to get attention, but rather showing the support and consideration for others.

Thanks, again, for all of the support,


Juli Metcalf Ghazi

Owner- Pure Pizza, Charlotte