When you think of the word purity, what do you think? Do you think of words such as “untouched”, “uncontaminated”, or “unaltered”? Here at Pure Pizza, we might say the same. Located in the name itself, our company has a mission to uphold a standard of purity. We focus on a concept coined as “farm-to-table”.This innovative approach to ingredients allows our company to stand out among our competitors. It is significant that we portray our promise of our embodiment of the idea of farm-fresh ingredients that are delicately hand chosen to add to each dish. We begin the process by deciding where our ingredients will come from. Coming directly from a variety of farms and breweries, each ingredient is carefully examined and deliberated upon. This concept can be explained by describing that our ingredients have little to no alteration to might disturb their instinctive processes. Basically, we keep it “au naturel”. Here at Pure Pizza, we maintain this “environmentally friendly” mindset in all areas of the company. Several of the ways that we ensure our company thrives off of our overall pure mindset is as follows:

  • Routinely recycling and using a compost system in our kitchens to benefit restaurant atmosphere
  • Employee benefits, such as paid-time off, flexible work schedules, and sustainable pay wages illustrate commitment to team environment
  • Locating ourselves in urban areas to encourage “green” transportation initiatives, such as walking or riding bicycles
  • Preservation of “healthy approach” to pizza, which is commonly unheard of!
  • Cutting out preservatives and replacing them with organic and fresh ingredients by offering new and authentic ways to eat pizza.
  • Providing employees with opportunities to reach out to local non-profit organizations to commit to our local community
  • Commitment to our global community by constantly interacting with developing countries in order to help farmers maintain agricultural production

So, whichever way you choose to define “purity”, have comfort in knowing that you’re always making the right choice at Pure Pizza.