Pure Philosophy

Stewardship & sustainability mean a lot to us here at Pure Pizza.

We began with the idea of a healthier pizza using farm-fresh ingredients & decided we couldn’t launch a brand that was intentional in one area, without being intentional in ALL areas:

  • Our commitment to the environment means being committed to what we purchase, how we prepare our food, the small wares on which we serve & our recycling/composting initiatives in the kitchen and dining room are ways we work each day to minimize our environment impact.
  • Our commitment to our team environment includes paying living wages, flexible work hours, paid time off & a variety of different benefits available to employees.
  • Our commitment to sustainable neighborhoods is having locations in urban settings which also provide unique, artistic bike parking to encourage guest to ride & walk rather than drive.
  • Our commitment to health is an innovative approach to pizza. By sourcing as much as possible that is local, sustainable &/or organic, cutting out refined oils, sugars & salt, no high-fructose corn syrup & GMOs – we pledge to lessen the impact our foods have on obesity, heart disease & Type II diabetes.
  • Our commitment to our community is creating monthly opportunities for our employees & customers to become engaged in hands-on experiences with local non-profits.
  • Our global commitment is by providing micro-funds in developing countries to farmers to help increase agricultural production, create entrepreneurial independence & increase household incomes.